Some ideas and resources to support your child’s learning at home


  • use magnetic letters for sorting, making your child’s name, creating words and sentences
  • read, read,read!  Reading to your child and having them read to you will help their understanding of how books work as well as develop their oral language skills.  If your child is not yet ready to read words, have them search for letters they know (start with the ones in their name), retell the story to you using the pictures, help you turn the pages and follow your finger as you track the words you are reading, create the story using the pictures to help them.
  • Look for letters and words while out for a walk (those golden arches are good for something!)
  • use play dough to make letters and words
  • play alphabet bingo or other games
  • do a sound sort – collect a variety of toys and sort them by which sound they start with
  • The Kitchener Public Library website has some great links to check out, including Tumble Books!  Your child can choose from a wide range of picture books to listen to.  Check out their website: and click on the links on the right side of the page.  Happy reading!


  • play simple board games using dice
  • play number go fish – match the numeral to a picture with the same value
  • create patterns using cereal, small toys, socks, or draw pictures
  • talk about the math all around you – numbers on a clock, keeping time, naming coins and their value, finding 2D shapes and 3D figures out in nature




Building Language for Literacy

WRDSB Virtual Library

Kitchener Public Library


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