Over the past month students have been exploring 2D shapes and 3D figures. Students have participated in many different learning centres and activities that have provided opportunities to sort, compare, identify and describe many different shapes. Students built structures and made pictures out of shapes and we investigated the relationship between 2D shapes and 3D figures.

Photo 2015-02-27, 2 19 26 PM

‘Room 8 works with Shapes’

Photo 2015-03-05, 9 35 33 AM

Students created pictures from 2D shapes and structures from 3D figures. Afterwards, they identified the shapes they used. When building we discussed what shapes make a good foundation for structures and what shapes stack and which ones do not. This led to a further inquiry where students investigated the properties of 3D Shapes. Using a ramp students tested to see what shapes rolled, stacked or slid.  IMG_3993  Photo 2015-03-10, 10 15 31 AM

Students were given a challenge to see what shapes they could create with toothpicks and plastercine. We talked about how many sides and points a shape has and students used this information when working on different building challenges to see how many toothpicks they needed to build their structure.


Our shape museum encouraged students to hunt for 3D shapes in their environment. We gathered items from the classroom and home and then sorted and displayed them. We have had lots of fun exploring and learning about geometry! Ask your child what shapes they know and what shapes they can find at home 🙂



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