All About Apples

Over the past week students have been investigating apples. We had some out at the science table and over at the paint table for making prints. We introduced the five senses and used apples to explore each sense and make observations. Finally on Friday, we asked each student to bring in their own apple to make a batch of apple sauce.


Boy did the classroom smell great! In addition to creating the recipe and learning how to cook the apple sauce we introduced graphing by asking students to come up with some questions we could ask the class. The first was ‘What kind of Apple did you bring?’ And students noted the colour(s) of their apples, and also whether they liked the apple sauce or not.


We will continue to expand on the lessons of the five senses, and data management in the weeks to come. We are also hoping the students will be able to make some great connections when we go to
Brantwood Farms and Wednesday and visit an apple orchard.


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