Caring for Our Earth

One of the things we learn in Kindergarten is how to show respect and care for the environment. With Earth Day on April 22nd we decided to take the opportunity to ask our class what they could do to help the Earth. After reading some stories we brainstormed a list of environmentally friendly actions we could take as a class.


One of the ideas was to feed the animals, so we made bird feeders to hang in the forest.


A second idea was to plant some seeds. Here the kids are planting some bean seeds in a clear container so we can see how the roots grow.



We are looking forward to learning more about seeds and plant growth in the weeks to come.

Some students decided to share their message about caring for the earth

“Take care of the animals, no littering, no killing bumblebees”

“No littering.”

Finally, we decided we would clean up our school yard and neighbouring community by picking up litter. The kids were surprised at how much garbage we found,
“I can’t believe people just drop their garbage outside.”
“It’s really gross!!”


As it turns out our efforts did not go unnoticed! The kindergarten classes were awarded with the Golden Boot Award yesterday afternoon for being such awesome, caring cougars!! Here is Mr. Coates thanking our class for their hard work!



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