Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do you Hear?


This week we read Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do You Hear? By Eric Carle. It’s a well known favourite that most children know and help read along. After reading the story we asked students to try and remember the story sequence and the different animals in the story. Afterwards some students decided to make puppets and re-tell the story at our puppet centre. We also invited students to create their own page for our class polar bear story book. Students were encouraged to come up with different animals then those in the story and we got some great creative responses!

“I hear a dinosaur roaring in my ear.”

“A snake hissing in my ear.”

“I hear a cheetah-dog OOOOOO! in my ear.”

Discussing the animals in the story sparked an investigation into the different animal sounds. I think we agreed that the zebra http://www.soundboard.com/sb/Zebra_Sounds was one of our favourites. There was also a great deal of interest in the boa constrictor. A couple of students wanted to know the size of a boa constrictor so we looked it up and got out the measuring tape to see how long they could be (up to 13 feet!)



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