Math Inquiry – Graphing

Over the past month we have been exploring data management in our math learning. Each morning when the children enter the room they ‘sign-in’ by placing their name tag on the whiteboard answering our question of the day. Afterwards, students take a look at the graph and how the names are sorted and we discuss the information that it tells us. We have learned that pizza is the most favourite food, we have an equal number of boys and girls in the class and most of us are ready for some spring weather! During our centres students have been polling their friends with their own questions and collecting data in graphs they have created themselves. Today Azfar asked, ‘Do you like ninjas?’ Lyla asked, ‘What is your favourite colour?’ And Summer was wondering, ‘Do you like the tooth fairy or princesses?’ We learn a lot about each other from these graphs and our students are learning how to record and interpret the information they collect







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