Over the past month students have been exploring 2D shapes and 3D figures. Students have participated in many different learning centres and activities that have provided opportunities to sort, compare, identify and describe many different shapes. Students built structures and made pictures out of shapes and we investigated the relationship between 2D shapes and 3D figures.

Photo 2015-02-27, 2 19 26 PM

‘Room 8 works with Shapes’

Photo 2015-03-05, 9 35 33 AM

Students created pictures from 2D shapes and structures from 3D figures. Afterwards, they identified the shapes they used. When building we discussed what shapes make a good foundation for structures and what shapes stack and which ones do not. This led to a further inquiry where students investigated the properties of 3D Shapes. Using a ramp students tested to see what shapes rolled, stacked or slid.  IMG_3993  Photo 2015-03-10, 10 15 31 AM

Students were given a challenge to see what shapes they could create with toothpicks and plastercine. We talked about how many sides and points a shape has and students used this information when working on different building challenges to see how many toothpicks they needed to build their structure.


Our shape museum encouraged students to hunt for 3D shapes in their environment. We gathered items from the classroom and home and then sorted and displayed them. We have had lots of fun exploring and learning about geometry! Ask your child what shapes they know and what shapes they can find at home 🙂



Inquiry Project – Volcanos

Recently our students have become really interested in Volcanos. Our EA Mrs. K was sharing stories and pictures of a past trip to Hawaii this stirred a lot of interest and questions about Volcanos. Students did some research using the computer and non-fiction books from our school library. Together we made a list of all the things we learned about Volcanos and on Thursday of last week we built a ‘snowcano’ – Luke’s term 🙂 We used the old baking soda and vinegar combination to cause an eruption of ‘lava.’ It was a lot of fun and great to see the kids to so excited and interested in a topic.


We Are Artists

Part of our learning expectations for visual arts is that students will demonstrate an awareness of themselves as artists. This means giving them the tools and confidence to create works of art that they are proud of. All week we have been discussing ways we can add more details to our work, how we can use lines to create movement, and other visuals effects like texture. Creating with plastercine is the perfect medium to experiment with these methods. We read Barbara Reid’s Picture a Tree and No One Saw by Bob Raczka. We were so impressed by the class’ creations!




All About Apples

Over the past week students have been investigating apples. We had some out at the science table and over at the paint table for making prints. We introduced the five senses and used apples to explore each sense and make observations. Finally on Friday, we asked each student to bring in their own apple to make a batch of apple sauce.


Boy did the classroom smell great! In addition to creating the recipe and learning how to cook the apple sauce we introduced graphing by asking students to come up with some questions we could ask the class. The first was ‘What kind of Apple did you bring?’ And students noted the colour(s) of their apples, and also whether they liked the apple sauce or not.


We will continue to expand on the lessons of the five senses, and data management in the weeks to come. We are also hoping the students will be able to make some great connections when we go to Continue reading

Fire Fighter visit

Today we had a visit from some local Fire Fighters! It was great to learn all about what they do and fire safety. We even got to see inside the truck and hear the sirens! This is part of our learning about different community helpers. This week we are discussing many different jobs and some ideas we have about what we want to be when we grow up.

A Visit from a Police Officer

Today we learned all about what police officers do for our community. He told us about the tools he uses, why he wanted to become a police officer and everything police officers do to keep us safe. Learning about people in our community is part of our social emotional development in Kindergarten. It was really exciting to get to see the inside of the police car and when he used his radar gun to see how fast we could run!



Room 9 has been getting ready all week for our Super Hero Spirit Day tomorrow! Can’t wait to see all of our Heroes in action!


I Often Say Our Classroom is like a Zoo…

And today is REALLY was a zoo! We had Hands On Exotics come out to all of the Kindergarten classes today bringing some really cool animals for us to meet.



It was so exciting to get to see, touch and learn about so many new and exotic animals! There was a talking parrot, a very large owl, a friendly Lemur, a spiky hedgehog, a sugar glider that flew onto 2 brave volunteers, a lizard, a snake, and my favourite – the baby kangaroo. I’m going to guess that many students went home today with some exciting stories to share 🙂

A Seed Search


The kids have been really good at finding seeds to share with the class and to add to our collection at the science table. Today I brought in some fruits to share so we could discover some more seeds and take a look at some new fruits we may not have seen or tried before. So we made our guesses of what we thought the seeds were like in each – a watermelon, cantaloupe, mango, kiwi and dragon fruit and found a few surprises. It was fun to try some new foods and compare how seeds can be so different depending on the plant.
All week at the writing table we have challenged our students to guess the different mystery vegetable seeds. We will check out the entries tomorrow and see if there is anyone who got all 5 guesses correct to win a prize 🙂


How plants Absorb Water: An experiment


After talking about the parts of a plant, we tried a fun experiment this week with some cabbage leaves to show our class how water travels up a plant and into the leaves. Most people predicted that the leaves would change colour. Some guessed that the leaf would grow so we measured them to see if there were any changes. The leaves did absorb the colour but did not grow. I was hoping the colour change would be more dramatic, we may have to try again next week with some celery!